Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day was great!  I started the day off by going to High Tea at the Gilbertsville Tea Room with my friend Danielle and her Mother Karen.  It was great!  It was my first High Tea and I loved it!  We had the Mother's Day Tea Blend as our main tea.  We then got a cup of Cream of Potato Soup.  We then got a plate of assorted tea sandwiches and scones with Devonshire cream and Lemon Curd!  It was so good!  Then our dessert was a shortbread cookie, a lemon square and a little chocolate cake!  All so terribly high in calories...but oh so good!  The cute teacups and teapots make we want to go thrift shopping to acquire some new ones!  Here are some pictures! 

Cute little centerpiece!

Me in the cute little bathroom!

The tea sandwiches and scones!!  The pink fluff was so good!

The dessert!

Our Teapot!

Me and my friend Danielle and her mother Karen. (Awful picture of me)

My teacup!
After tea we went to get our nails done at a local place in town.  We each just got a manicure.  I got my nails painted a red OPI color called "Vodka and Caviar".  Such a great name right?  I loved it!  Here is a picture of my finished nails and the hot color!
Once we were done with our manicures we went to Skippack for Skippack Days!  We walked around and I got an amazing headpiece!  I put it in my hair right away and was getting so many compliments!  I get so excited about my hairpieces!  Here is a so-so picture of it!
It looks like a feather duster...but looks amazing in my hair!
Then it was time for me to spend some time with my family and mother.  We went to Golden Oaks Country Club for dinner with Brandon, my stepfather, and my sister...and of course my Mother.  My other sister Samantha works there and had to work the night we went to visit her...which is why we chose that specific place.  It was a great dinner!  Here are some pictures of what I got her for Mother's Day. 

Not shown is a bottle of wine that was her main gift.  The wine was from Blair Vineyards.  The name of the wine was so appropriate!  "The Three Sisters" and it was a mixture of different red wines!  Brandon and I tried it...but more to come about that on a different post!  But she loved the name and is excited to try the wine!
A chocolate cake with cream cheese icing!  I made it for my Mom!  It is her favorite!

Zebra-Appeal Pink Roses!

I left it all on the counter for her to find!
So I hope that all the Mother's out there had an amazing Mother's Day!  Mother's are truly special and deserve some attention!  It was a great day for me and I loved spending time with everyone!

Until next time!

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