Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Shower!

So my friend Arilys is pregnant and due June 14th!  We had a late baby shower for her this past weekend.  Just one month before her due date.  This is her first baby and she is super excited!  She has had quite the year!  She just got married in July 2010 and now she is expecting a baby!  She couldn't be happier!  She is having a little baby girl and she has decided to name this beautiful little girl...Juliana!  So pretty right!  She is going to be a great Mom and I am so happy for her!  Here are some pictures from the shower!  It was a great time and she got a lot of great gifts!

A Little Baby Cake!

A Home-Made Edible Arrangement!  It is actually a baby carriage!

The food was AMAZING!!!  (Just a small example)
 I made some Cream Scones...a very simple recipe.  I made them randomly the other day and everyone loved I figured it would be a great addition to a baby shower!  For the scones, I brought along some strawberry, apricot and guava jellies and apple butter!  I also made Thumbprint Cookies which were also a hit!  I had NO leftovers to bring home!  (I also secretly saw some people stashing the cookies away on plates to be taken home!  LOL!  They got great reviews!)
The Gifts!  Again...Only A SMALL example!

The Mother-To-Be!  BEAUTIFUL!!!

It's a GIRL!!

Look at the BABY BUMP!


  1. This looks like so much fun! Your friend is a super cute pregnant Mummy-to-be! Congratulations!!

    x Jasmine

  2. oh wow look at all thiose presents!! looks like a great time x

  3. hey again, the shoes are irregular choice, if you click on it on my post it'll take you to their website xx

  4. Ohh she's adorable. Plus those gifts and food and wow. I love sweet baby showers.

    I have a letter for you :)