Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Panty By Post

So I recently came across the cutest idea. I found out about Panty By Post from DailyCandy, a daily email that I receive that lets me know all about the latest fashion, sales and happenings throughout different areas. I love getting those emails, but I do fall behind on them at times because they send anywhere from 5 to 10 a day! But none the less...you find out about the most amazing things! Panty By Post is based in Canada and you can order anywhere from 2 to 12 pairs...even more if you would like to and then you receive one a month for however many months you ordered! The packaging is all cute and it is another great way to receive cute mail! The underwear are from Blush, a lingerie company and they are adorable! There are cute and frilly ones and then also sexy, seductive ones! The fabric is a synthetic mix and the trimmings are usually lace or ribbon! I love the idea personally! So I am placing an order this week! One for me and another for my sister for her birthday! I will let you know how it turns out!! I am super excited!


Alicia Marie

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It Is About Time!!

My Graduation Flowers From My Mom

Me and Desi After We Graduated!

Cedar Crest College

I was attempting to capture the caps...it worked out alright...

Me! The Morning of Graduation!

So Wow! I haven't blogged in FOREVER but it feels so good to be back! So much has happened since the last time and there is much to catch up on! But first....I GRADUATED COLLEGE!!!! Yes, that is right...all of that hard work and determination has finally paid off and I am now officially a Graduate Nurse! I took my boards, the NCLEX on July 22nd and PASSED!!! It was such a relief! It was so a great feeling knowing that all of my studying paid off! So I am officially a Registered Nurse! I even got my license in the mail! Wow! But as for the job....no such luck. I have been applying everywhere, but nothing. It is hard to find a job because with the economy hospitals want nurses with experience, however, being that I just graduated, I don't have experience and can't obtain experience until someone hires me!! It is crazy really to think about it. But as for now I am just working at the bank and making do. Trying to make the most of my time and everything. But boy would I really love to get a real job as a Nurse! The very thought gets me excited and my mind starts wandering to the endless possibilities. I'm just filled with so much excitement right now I can't even begin to explain it! But that is it for now! I will definitely be updating on everything, but just wanted to give a quick post!

Alicia Marie