Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Panty By Post

The Menage a Trois I received!

Cute Picture I attempted!

Little Promotion Cards that came with it!
So this was my first time using Panty By Post and while I enjoyed it I was expecting to get the really cute frilly ones!  Like the ones that you see in the gallery on their website.  Instead I got the three pairs seen above.  They are really comfy and made of quality materials, but not as cute as I was expecting.  So of course I inquired because I really wanted the cute frilly ones, and it turns out that you have to make a special note if you want those ones.  Otherwise you will be sent random ones that are not in the gallery!  So that is for anyone who is considering making a purchase and wants the cute ones as well!  It was still a great experience and the underwear are fabulous and the customer service is great!  I would definitely recommend it to anyone!  Just make sure you ask for frilly ones or name them specifically!  But I just wanted to share my experience!  I will definitely order again...but with a desire for the cuter ones! 

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