Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Dogeared Necklace Finally!

So I've been wanting one of these Dogeared necklaces for the longest time because I just love the whole thought behind them!  So they were on crazy clearance at Swirl a couple weeks ago and of course I had to get one!  I had a $20.00 off coupon so my total with shipping turned out to be $18.48!  I was so pleased with my purchase!   Well I finally got it in the mail and can't wait!  You put the necklace on and make a wish.  Then when the necklace wears off or breaks off (it is a thin red thread) your wish is ready to come true!  I just like anything like that...especially wishbones or horseshoes!  Maybe I'm superstitious...I'm not sure!  I think so!  But I just had to share because I was so excited!  I got two because one is for me and then the other is for someone else I'm going to mail it to!  She needs some good luck!  I would definitely tell you to take a look at the website and possibly order something because they are just great! 

You can sign up for Swirl by clicking HERE....It is free and they have great deals and always offer a promo code or $20.00 off!  If you want to make a can sign up and get $20.00 off by using the code LUVSWIRL!  Let me know how it goes!

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  1. Aww thanks for entering my giveaway!! This necklace looks gorgeous. I hope your wishes come true!

    The journal is only available in Australia I think. It's from Frankie magazine, an indie, handmade mag full of pastel coloured goodness. If you don't win, I can send you one as a gift :)

    The ruffle rose wasn't too hard to make. The ribbon I used was already ruffly and I just wound it round really.

    Ohh the cupcakes experiments sound amazing!! I hope you got my letter!