Monday, April 18, 2011

Update...Trip to NY!

So at the end of December, I went to New York to be a member of the audience for the view!  Diane Sawyer was a guest and so is so beautiful in person!  With such an amazing personality and essence about her!  The show was great and we also got free laptops!!

We had to wait in line for hours!  It was freezing outside!

The set!

Their cups!

The Ladies of The View!

The Ladies!



Diane Sawyer!

After the show we got to walk around New York a little bit and this was an adorable little bakery!  It was called Magnolia Bakery!  They have some all around New York and I always find them in magazines and such!  It was such a cute place!!

So good!  I got a chocolate cupcake with white icing!!!

We also go to visit the Rockafeller Center and for the was gorgeous!  We just walked around, taking it all in!  I love New York during the holidays!!

We got to see Kathy!!

Christie's Auction

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