Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Doors of New Hope

I've been really into taking pictures since I got Cool Pics from my boyfriend for Christmas and I have been taking the most random, but beautiful pictures. I know it is not a fancy, high-tech or any kind of special digital camera, but I love it and have been recently experimenting with it. I thought that I would share some of the cute pictures that I took while on a little day trip to New Hope. I've always loved looking at the doors of people's houses and feel that they can say a lot about the character of the house. Personally, I love the French double doors, but I was not able to find any of those to take pictures of, but I did find some charming ones. Looking at doors always make me think about what type of character is locked up inside of them or what lies behind them. But anyway, enough of the random talk, here are some of the pictures. Just thought that I would share!


These are some of the beautiful old homes.

These are some of the cute little shop and cafe signs.

These are some of the doors.


  1. i love taking pictures like this... chuck's always saying things like, "what are you doing?" through clenched teeth. makes me giggle.

  2. Lovely pictures! And thanks so much for following me :) I'm following you too!