Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Summer Time!

So, as usual, once the spring semester ends I always spend some time thinking about how I will occupy myself over the summer and what new endeavor I will take on. This past week I got a pedicure and manicure and have been doing a little summer shopping here and there. However, I got to liking the whole pampering thing and have considered scheduling myself a massage along with a lot of other things. I love getting into the summer "mode" because you can get away with a lot during the summer whereas you can't during the other seasons.

I have been prepping my skin for the summer, using a variety of moisturizers and other random products, but one that I MUST rave about is a product from BLISS. It is a finishing foam with carrot sesame and honey and it works so well! I did not yet try the scrub but the finishing foam is great! You apply it to your damp skin and it sinks right in! I felt that it left my skin so silky smooth and it lasted a long time! But I just thought that I could share that little tid-bit with everyone!

I also had a Strawberry Mojito and felt that it was such a summery drink! So light, refreshing and sweet! I have posted the recipe below to share with everyone! Enjoy!

Strawberry Mojito


  • 2 ounces white rum
  • 10 fresh mint leaves
  • 2 strawberries, halved
  • 1/2 lime, quartered
  • club soda
  • 1 teaspoon sugar


  1. Put lime, sugar, strawberries & mint in the bottom of a tall glass and muddle
  2. Add ice, rum and fill to the top with soda and stir

What Do I Love About Summer?

Flip Flops!

Summer Nights

The Beach

Umbrella Drinks!

And so much more! But I thought that this post would get everyone ready for summer and vacations! Until the next time!


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  1. That strawberry mojito looks so delicious!!! I am going to make one this weekend =D